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Senior Specialist at Dubai Municipality, Architecture & Planning, Dubai, UAE

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Razan is a viable specialist that will bring valuable experience to our Smart Vaccine Project.  As a veteran of 9 years with the Municipality, she will be an effective liaison with the other partners of the project considering her strength in dealing with tough contractual and people issues during the development and deployment of the system. Here's a partial list of her strength area:

  • Responsible for setting up a design team in General Projects Department.

  • Leadership in project management, design management, review of contracts and value engineering.  

  • She is an excellent trainer for the new generation of engineers in the department.

  • She is a thorough reviewer of all design issues in the different sections of the General Projects Department, and the development of Annual Consultancy Contract Terms of Reference (TOR).

  • Superb problem solver to all constraints raised during project life cycle, and develop the best Project work program.

  • Evaluate projects elements and area distribution during preliminary design stage in order to provide suitable design and convenient to the projects location, requirements and allocated Budget.       

  • Focus on Design completion and coordination and then put the interior design and select suitable finishing material in the final design stage.

  • Implement design revision and apply Value Engineering on high Quotations in order to commit to budget prior to project’s award.

  • Prepare technical manuals like:  Green Roof manual, Finishes Specifications Manual, special specifications for Architectural Details. Marketing of Projects Department achievements and applying to international architectural awards.

  • Prepare periodic reports about the difficulties and constraints in the work and propose the best solutions and treatments. 

Prior to her present job, she was a senior architect & projects Manager at Hamilton Projects Management for almost 5 year, leading the project's development during the whole project's life cycle, starting with the Conceptualization, Design Development, Contract, and Construction Stages. During which she provided professional advice on all aspects of the project, such as technical issues, value engineering, and managerial, contractual and cost related matters for various projects.

Another important activity that she masters: She has superb ambassadorial skills to achieve client's satisfaction from desired design, and time and budget.

Her repertoire of skills includes teaching at the University of Aleppo in architecture and urban design.

Razan holds a doctorate degree in Architecture Engineering and Planning from Technical University in Dresden Germany. 


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