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The Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS™)

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       The book can be purchased from www.amazon.com   or www.crcpress.com   search on Dr. Rocky Termanini

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The big inspiration from the Human Immune System: Science may one day succeed in solving all the secrets of the immune system and even produce a similar artificial system by imitating the actions of these cells. No doubt, this task will require highly educated professionals using the most sophisticated technology and instruments available, working in highly advanced laboratories. It is the most noble endeavor that science can tackle.  The book is to courageously try to replicate the Human Immune System (HIS) and save the digital world from the pervasive malware agony. 

Chapter 2

The Story of the Smart Vaccine: The marvels of The Human Immune System (HIS), how it is the underlying inspiration for the new for the new cyber security paradigm.

Chapter 3

The Critical Infrastructures (CI) in Smart Cities (The public and private physical assets of the country)? Quantitative assessment of the vulnerabilities of (CI). Response and preparedness.

Chapter 4

The present state-of-the-art of Anti-Virus Technology (AVT).  Cyber security has reached its asymptote. The Virus is winning the battle and the war. The need for new technologies.

Chapter 5

The new repertoire of emerging technologies. Methodology of CEWPS; Architecture of Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS) is the new Digital Immune System.

Chapter 6

Structure of the cyber-attack knowledge engine. How to store cyber-attacks in Knowledge Base; How to predict a cyber-attack. How to prevent a cyber-attack; Causality rules. Cyber-Crime Predictive Analytics.

Chapter 7

The Big Data of Cyber-crime and terrorism, how to capture and manage. Anatomy of the cyber-attack episode

Chapter 8

Designing the brain of the Smart Vaccine (The Man-Made B-cell), how this marvelous autonomic soft robot works.

Chapter 9

The cloud is here… Vaccination-as-a-Service (VaaS), Bayes Network Model. Vaccination Service Composibility.

Chapter 10

SCADA System; Stuxnet attack; The Electronic Pearl Harbor massive attack scenarios, Power Plant hypothetical attack; Newark Bombing.

Chapter 11

CEWPS Hardware/Software/tools.  CEWPS Dashboard design, How to generate predictive analytical reports

Chapter 12

Programming the CEWPS: screens, Knowledge engines, Transaction service contracts and execution.

Chapter 13

Grid Engineering and deployment

Chapter 14

CEWPS implementation; Testing and production




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