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The Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS™)

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Course Overview:

Smart City is the ultimate harmony of human and natural resources, social capital, integrated transportation, and modern (ICT) infrastructure, to bring about sustainable economic development and a high quality of life. Nonetheless, Smart Cities are vulnerable to massive cyber-attacks, and therefore, a smart cyber security defense becomes necessary.

The seminar will cover the theory, the holistic methodology of system architecture, and most importantly, how it will be a used to protect the major critical infrastructures of the Smart City. The Smart Vaccine™ will be introduced as the autonomic agent that will inoculate the critical system before any attack on the Critical Infrastructures. The Digital Immune System is called the Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System™ (CEWPS™).

 Benefits of the workshop

  •     Understand how the Human Immune System can be replicated to protect the Critical Infrastructures of Smart Cities

  •     Change the mindset from reactive to pro-active way of dealing with cyber attacks

  •     Utilize and integrate Grid Computing, Autonomic Computing, Causality Reasons Engines and Prediction Models, Artificial Intelligence to develop the Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System

  •     Manage the Smart Cities through a more robust and secured technology

  •     Understand the Vaccination Concept, the types and how they transact like Web Services

  •     Build expert systems that carry knowledge and reasoning power. CEWPS™ is the cognitive security shield to protect   the Smart City.

  •    Brainstorm sessions with vivid examples will enable attendees interact and exchange new ideas Digital Immunity and create higher level of synergism collaboration spirit.

Instructor      :      Dr. Rocky Termanini

Duration       :      5 Days

Level         :       Technical

Date & Venue  :     Will be determined            


This workshop is geared towards CIOs, CTOs, CSO. The audience should also include System Administrators, Computer center officers, Computer Science and engineering students, Government security representatives, Military defense system administrators.


 Definition and Terminology

  •        Smart Cities

  •        Cyber Attack

  •        Vaccination messaging

  •        Critical Infrastructure Systems

  •        Human Immune System

The Human Immune System

  •    The Human Immune system that defends the body by offense.

  •    Components of the Digital Immune System.

  •    What is a Smart City…Is Dubai a Smart City?

  •    What are the Security requirements of the Smart City


The Digital Architecture

This day is focused on the Architecture of the Digital Immune System (Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System™), and its kernel The Smart Vaccine™. During this session, the class will see the detailed Architecture of the Digital Immune System


  •     Recognize each layer of the Security architecture

  •     Give examples how the Smart Vaccine fight Trojans and Back doors


How the CEWPS Smart Engines work        

  •        Big Data Analytics and how attacks are predicted around Smart Cities

  •        How the knowledge engines are designed to predict Early Warnings

  •        Discuss the Vaccination Web Services and SOA broker

  •        How the Predictor (reasoning engine) predict the attack and how to respond

  •        Capturing previous attacks and Virus Reverse Engineering concept and principles.


Smart Cities and the Cloud

  •        How Smart Cities can use the Digital clouds

  •        Vaccination-as-a-service on the (CEWPS™) Cloud

The workshop will also offer one of the most viable commercialization program to market highly advanced cloud Vaccination-as-a-Service to public and private companies in the whole region.


Launching the Digital Immune System  

  •        Planning to Launch the Digital Immune System (CEWPS™) in the Smart City

  •        Simulation: The Electronic Pearl Harbor Scenario…How to keep Dubai two steps ahead of massive cyber-attack.

  •        Early Warning Alert and preparation before the Smart City Attack.


Dr. Termanini is the CEO of MERIT CyberSecurity Consulting.  Dr. Termanini is a senior advisor to Law Enforcement on Cyber-terrorism.  He was an expert witness in court on cases related to Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud. He advises companies on Information espionage and Business Intelligence. As a certified Forensics expert, he helps companies resolve internet crimes. He worked on several forensics projects in the US, and presented evidence in court.

He is the designer of the Smart Vaccine® and the Digital Immune Grid. He has lectured in several international conferences and taught the practical aspects of technology at several universities. He worked on several forensics projects in the US, and presented evidence in court. Professor Termanini taught Information Systems classes at Connecticut State University, Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, and Connecticut State University. Also abroad, he taught at The University of Bahrain, and University College of Bahrain, and an adjunct professor at Abu Dhabi University and lecturer at the UAE Academy.

Dr. Termanini is a member of the San Francisco Electronic Crime Task Force SFOECTF meetings and seminars. He is also member of the International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professional IACSP

Dr. Termanini is a professional electrical engineer registered in the State of California, member of the IEEE, and The American Society of Digital Forensics.

Dr. Termanini earned a Master in Operations Research and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He can be reached at rocky@termanini.com


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