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Dr. Rocky Termanini is the CEO of MERIT CyberSecurity Consulting, an International company specializing in AI and Nanotech cyber Security intelligen systems. He is an international informatics technologist, researcher and academician. He brings 46 years of multi-industry real-world experience to his clients.  He is a Professional Electrical Engineer and member of IEEE. He is a certified IT security professional, and member of the American College of Forensic Examiners. 

Dr. Termanini is a senior advisor to Law Enforcement on Cyber-terrorism, and member of the San Francisco Electronic Crime Task Force.  He was an expert witness in court on cases related to Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud. He advises companies on Information espionage and Business Intelligence. As a certified Forensics expert, he helps companies resolve internet crimes

Dr. Termanini is the system architect, designer and author of “Cognitive Early-Warning Predictive System/ The Smart Vaccine™” which replicates the human immune system to protect the critical infrastructures against future cyber wars. Also the author of "The Nano Age of Digital Immunity Infrastructure Fundamentals & Applications" dedicated to building intelligent cyber shields for Smart Cities.

Dr. Termanini spent 5 years in the Middle East working as security consultant in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE.  Professor Termanini’s teaching experience spans over 40 years.  He taught Information Systems courses at Connecticut State University, Quinnipiac University, University of Bahrain, Abu Dhabi University, UAE Academy, and lectured at Zayed University in Dubai.

Dr. Termanini is the author of several reputable research papers:

1.   Dr. Rocky Termanini, Holistic Strategy to Protect the Critical Infrastructures, December 2007

2.   Dr. Rocky Termanini, The Electronic Pearl Harbor, Revisited, May 2009

3.   Dr. Rocky Termanini, The Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS) March 2012 at the ISNR Conference.

4.   Dr. Rocky Termanini, Methodology of Predicting violent Attacks, December 2010

5.   Dr. Rocky Termanini, Predicting Power Grid Attacks, A realistic scenario, April 2010

6.   Dr. Rocky Termanini, Designing a Reasoning Engine to predict Attack on Power Plants, 2008

7.   Dr. Rocky Termanini, Technical Analysis of the Stuxnet attack on Iran Nuclear Plant, 2011

8.   Dr. Rocky Termanini, Analysis of the Cyber Adversary attacks on Critical Infrastructures in the US, January 2011

Dr. Termanini is a professional Electrical Engineer, holds a PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Yale University.  He can be reached at rocky@termanini.com

One of the great contributions to humanity was the discovery of the vaccine. Without adaptive immunity, one fourth of the human race would have been terminally ill.

Dr. Termanini is presenting a new paradigm that describes the concept, the architecture and the enabling technologies of a new compelling strategy to fight cyber-crime and terrorism. The designed system is a straight replication of the human immune system. It is called The Smart Vaccine™.  This “autonomic” broker manages all vaccinations under a grid-centric platform called the Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System™ (CEWPS), which offers the necessary grid services to support the early warning alerts, inoculation emergency missions, and logging all attacks and vaccination episodes.  

CEWPS is the immune system in the digital world. Systems can acquire immunity, like humans, through just-in-time vaccination. Once a system in immunized ahead of time, the vaccine will protect it from cyber-attack. The concept very simple: the Smart Vaccine operates under the command of experienced early-warning monitoring system. CEWPS is the operating environment that comes with an intelligent vaccination defense system, a virus reverse-engineering system, an attack prediction system, and an attack memory collection system. CEWPS is the integration of Autonomic computing, Grid computing, on-demand computing, Cloud computing, Semantic and Ontology engineering.

CEWPS is a quantum leap into the future of cyber security. If necessity is the mother of invention, then CEWPS is the solution to eradicate the epidemics of cyber malware.


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