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Michael Krieger Technology Attorney - IP Strategy, Business and Patent Litigation



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Michael specializes in  constructive Intellectual Property and contract strategies in technology and related business matters. Expert witness & consultant in these, especially computer, software, and internet related matters. His experience is definitely a value-added to the Smart Vaccine project. Dr. Krieger is a seasoned IT professional in addition to his extensive knowledge in litigation law.

Dr. Krieger's practice focuses on strategic counseling for patent litigation and other IP together with preventive methods both to secure and exploit clients' patents and other key technology and business assets. Member of Willenken Wilson Loh & Delgado (Los Angeles). He is an expert consultant and witness in technology litigation.

Dr. Krieger hold a Ph.D in mathematics from California Institute of Technology, and a law degree from UCLA. Prior to practicing law, member MIT Mathematics and UCLA Computer Science faculties as well as Fulbright Scholar (Comp.Sci.) in Brazil. Early involvement with encryption, domain name/trademark, and open source issues as well as IP litigation for content providers and patent holders. Clients have ranged from start-ups to industry leaders, as well as the United Nations other international initiatives.

Dr. Krieger is also an active lecturer of computer science course at UCLA.

Dr. Krieger is one of the early people who realized the value added of the Smart Vaccine. His strategic vision is to offer The Smart Vaccine as a shield to protect the critical systems of Smart City infrastructures, as well as offer Vaccination as a Service (VaaS) to cloud customers. 

Dr. Krieger is an active contributor to the CEWPS/Smart Vaccine project.


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