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John D. Cosgrove is President of Cosgrove Consulting Group, PE, ACM, IEEE, CDP

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Mr. Cosgrove is an active contributor to the CEWPS/Smart Vaccine project.  He is one of the avid promoters of Digital Immunity to protect the critical infrastructures in Smart Cities.

John Cosgrove, PE, CDP, has been a software engineer for over forty years and a self-employed consultant since 1970. His specialties include forensic engineering, project management, software architecture; real-time/critical systems; and hardware/software interfaces. He has extensive experience with aviation computer systems, including development of aircraft navigation systems and communication devices. Recent projects have also involved business continuity and disaster recovery planning for distributed enterprises.

Mr. Cosgrove has taught a graduate-level engineering course, "Engineering the Software Product," for UCLA and Loyola Marymount in addition to numerous short courses nationwide, offered by major educational institutions. For several years, he presented the software engineering portion of the undergraduate Engineering Ethics course each quarter at UCLA. He has authored and delivered many papers, articles, and lectures on software litigation, project management, software business issues, and computer safety. "Software Engineering and the Law" was published in the IEEE Computer Society "Software" magazine May/June 2001. He authored the chapter on "Software Engineering & Litigation" in the current edition of "Encyclopedia of Software Engineering" published by John Wiley & Sons. 

As a forensic expert, Mr. Cosgrove has worked on numerous cases involving recovered computer data, computer system failure, contractual disputes, intellectual property disputes, and other matters involving computer systems and software. 

Mr. Cosgrove received a Master of Engineering degree from UCLA, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Loyola Marymount University at Los Angeles (now LMU). He is a California-registered Professional Electrical Engineer, a Life Senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society, member of ACM, American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFEI), the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).  In 2006 he was named a Fellow of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (affiliate of NSPE). 


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