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Brigadier Saeed Salem Al Hanki, MOI UAE, Chairman of ISNR Conference

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Brigadier General Al Hanki has invited me the ISNR 2012 in Abu Dhabi.  His encouragement to present the Smart Vaccine and Digital Immunity in the conference.

Brigadier Saeed Salem Al Hanki said: "This bi-annual conference comes in line with the UAE's commitment to strengthen the security concepts and enforce them to achieve more growth goals and foster community development. We are keen to have the best leaders, experts and security specialists, with a long experience in the field, at the event to highlight security events in light of developments and changes witnessed around the world."

He said that the conference covers several security-related issues including security information and its evaluation, borders and transports security, infrastructure protection, traffic safety, crisis and disasters and response requirements, counter terrorism, environment and energy crimes and means of communication crimes. 

Brigadier Al Hanki said that the activities and recommendations of the conference will complement the UAE Leadership's aspirations in setting dependable standards for enforcing security and stability around the world.



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