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Ahmad Hassan, Director of Risk Management and Compliance at DU, Dubai UAE

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Ahmad was one of the early people who realized the value added of the Smart Vaccine. His strategic vision is to offer The Smart Vaccine as a shield to protect the critical systems of Smart City infrastructures, as well as offer Vaccination as a Service (VaaS) to cloud customers. 

In addition to his critical responsibilities as a director of Risk Management and Compliance, he is the architect and founder of the UAE Honeynet chapter. Ahmad is currently a board member of the UAE Science Club, and also member of the Business Continuity & Emergency Response Forum 2015.

Ahmad is the author of several paper and publications, such as  Collecting Malware from Distributed Honeypots which was presented at the GCC Conference and Exhibition in 2011.

Ahmad is a certified ISO27001 senior auditor, as well as a Certified EFQM Assessor of Excellence. 
Ahmad is an active contributor to the CEWPS/Smart Vaccine project. He holds
a Masters of Science in Information Security from Khalifa University, and a Masters in International Business from the University of Wollongwong.


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