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Dr. Adel Al Alawi, Professor of MIS at Business Management and Marketing Department at the University of Bahrain

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Dr. Al Alawi is one the strong advocates of the benefits of Digital Immunity and The Smart Vaccine Vaccination as a service, in the Digital world. Dr. Al Alawi, as a contributor, brings a substantial amount of academic and software engineering experience. Not to mentions his leadership in MIS, Business Management and Marketing.  Dr. Al Alawi as an active contributor gives the project higher visibility and credit. 

Ar. Al Alawi held many leadership positions in the academic domain. Prior to his professorship at the University of Bahrain, he was

Chairman of Business Studies & Director of Continuance Education Program at the Royal University for Women, and the Dean of School of Business & Advisor to the President at the University College of Bahrain.

Dr. Al Alawi, is a skilled technical and business strategy author of many papers and articles. Dr. Al Alawi was the author of a highly informative research paper titled " Cybercrime, Computer Forensics and their Impact in Business Climate: Bahrain Status".

He is also the recipient of many honors and awards. He is an active member of Bahrain Information Technology Society (Board Member from 1983-2003) and President of the Information Systems Audit & Control Association (ISACA) Bahrain Chapter.

Dr. Al Alawi hold a doctorate degree from the University of Leeds in England.


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